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$78.99 + tax & shipping

$78.99 + tax & shipping

Melio Self-Emptying Leg Bag System Replenishment Pack

  • Empties urine leg bag through discharge pump with just the touch of a button (discharge pump sold separately)

  • No more leaks, smell or mess

  • No more backflows, reducing Autonomic Dysreflexia

  • Improve health and reduce UTI Risk

  • Simple, discreet and easy to use

$75 + tax & shipping

$75 + tax & shipping

Melio Self-Emptying Leg Bag System Controller Pack

Controller operates the Melio Self-Emptying Leg Bag System

  • The Controller on your waistband alerts you when the leg bag is approximately 2/3 full via a flashing amber light and a discreet vibration; you can also turn on an audio alarm

  • When you’re ready to empty the urine bag, simply push the buttons on the top or bottom of the Controller to activate the Pump

  • If you have limited dexterity, you can use the magnetic bracelet to activate the Pump—simply hold the bracelet against the front of the Controller

  • The Controller is rechargeable and is designed to last years with reasonable care

Tranquility Overnight.jpg

Tranquility Premium overnight disposable ABSORBENT Pull-up underwear

  • Maximum absorbency provides extended wear time for a full night of uninterrupted sleep.

  • Premium OverNight Underwear provide maximum capacity in a disposable absorbent underwear for uninterrupted sleep. Larger sizes hold over one quart of fluid. The peach core guarantees skin dryness, odor reduction and urine pH neutralization. They have a cloth-like outer layer with breathable sides and an ample, full-rise waist panel providing a more proportioned fit. Kufguards® (inner leg cuffs) channel fluids into the core, helping to contain high volume urge episodes and bowel incontinence. Tear-away side seams allow for easy removal. Blue leg elastics indicate overnight protection on sizes medium through 2XL. Latex-free.

Item # 2114 Small 22-36”w/h 80-125lbs 20.3oz / 4 bags of 18

Item # 2115 Med 34-48”w/h 120-175lbs 34oz / 4 bags of 18

Item # 2116 Lrg 44-54”w/h 170-210lbs 34oz / 4 bags of 16

Item # 2117 X-Lrg 48-66”w/h 210-250lbs 34oz /4 bags of 14

Item # 2118 2XL 62-80”w/h 250+lbs 34oz / 4 bags of 12


Life Guard Latex Medical Exam Gloves

Tranquility with tabs.jpg

Tranquility all through the night disposable briefs with tabs

  • This disposable brief holds over a quart of liquid. Wearer can sleep uninterrupted by garment changes without compromising skin integrity. Kufguards® (inner-leg cuffs) provide leakage and bowel containment. Refastenable tape tabs allow multiple openings of the brief.

Item # 2185 Medium 32-44”w/h 27.5oz 8 bags of 12

Item # 2186 Large 45-58”w/h 33.0oz 8 bags of 12

Item # 2187 X-Large 56-64”w/h 34.0oz 6 bags of 12


Durasafe Synthetic Vinyl Medical Exam Gloves

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